Contrast Collection by UBICA-ID

Contrast Collection by UBICA-ID

known as evaluation, the collection designed byUBICA-identity is a series which incorporates extending espresso tables, aspect tables and an armchair with a bookshelf integrated within the again. In overall there are seven furniture portions that have been comprised of natural volumes and geometric bureaucracy, seeking out a formal line among them and a clear visible simplicity, without sacrificing info and solutions that has made them into realistic and special fixtures.

Its surprising how easy these pieces may be. The well defined layout seems like its trying to make a announcement. The geometric shapes sort of be part of them all collectively, creating a very fresh photograph. the colors used are the very smooth tone of white and the natural wooden color, in maximum of the cases. Theres additionally a brightly coloured facet desk that adds a few amusing to the collection.

The name of this series could be very suggestive for the portions covered. The evaluation refers on one hand on the materials used that are prepare in a beautiful way. on the other hand it refers to the colors: theres the natural white blended with the stunning and natural timber coloration, after which theres also that colorful aspect desk that creates a evaluation compared to all of the different pieces.

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