How to Measure Jamb Depth for Andersen Windows

How to Measure Jamb Depth for Andersen Windows

The window jamb is the vertical member, usually timber, on every side of a door or window frame. The jamb is continually at a proper angle to the door or window. The window jamb fits into the two-via-4 wall studs that comfy the unit in location. The window jamb fits right into a 4 9/sixteen-inch or a 6 9/sixteen-inch commencing. The wall studs are 2-by-four or 2-by using-6 framing. The do-it-yourself handyman can accomplish this size for an Andersen window with only a pen, paper and a tape degree.

Open any window shade or shutter as a way to see the indoors jamb of the window.

Open the window so you can see the complete facet of the interior window jamb.

degree the window jamb's intensity. this could be from wherein the exterior brick mildew is connected to the window throughout to in which the interior window trim attaches to the jamb. this is normally four nine/16 or 6 nine/sixteen inches deep. The brick mildew is the outside window trim that attaches to the window jamb. Write down all of the jamb's dimensions, and now not simply the intensity, in inches.

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