I can't blog and craft. - A girl and a glue gun

I can't blog and craft. - A girl and a glue gun

A woman and a glue gun

Crafts and diy s which can be speedy and smooth. glue gun, vinyl, sewing, painting...i do it all...so long as i will get it accomplished quick!

Which sucks seeing how I’m a craft blogger.

but for mom’s day my husband requested me what i wanted.

a brand new dining room table.

a $500 gift card to Joanns .

a tub packed with chocolate.

liposuction after I eat the chocolate.

a television for my craft room.

now not to have to pass grocery purchasing anymore.

a day long again rub down.

my pinterest clothes board in actual life

a get out of cooking dinner skip for the relaxation of my life.

to be bit through a vampire so I don’ t should sleep.

however i sooner or later landed on a table for my craft room. I without a doubt bought a monstrosity of a metallic table. that i really like. however i in no way used it. ever. by no means sat at it as soon as.

then i installation a random table that become about waist high…and that i used that all. the.time. So I knew that I need a high desk to make me extra useful. ( after eight months I nonetheless don’t experience adore it’s useful in right here)

see the desk putting out within the center…i used this all the time…and i've different desks in the room!

i should have closed my hutch for you…but i’m simply keeping it actual….

and we can we pause to check out this adorable scrappy banner that’s on my door.

I literally thought at this second that my husband is proper (first time for the whole lot) however i'm a hoarder.

I’m going with the turtle manta right now. slow and regular wins the race.

but in any case…that’s why I’m too busy to blog.

but once it’s achieved i can have about 23 new posts for you. (ohhh.aren’t you excited!)

if you want more craft room amusing…take a look at out my pinterest board—

comply with Kimberly West (a girl and a glue gun)’s board craft room in order to be quickly complete of crap on Pinterest.

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